"The true north strong and twee"

Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Since October 2012 we've been releasing CD's, cassettes, and zines from pop artists from all across this little blue marble we call Earth.

If you play pop music we might be interested in you!
Send your love letters, postcards, and demonstration tapes to
or ask us for our physical mailing address.

no.1 - 1/31/2017 - secrets
no.2 - 2/10/2017 - ghost thoughts
no.3 - 4/21/2017 - secret gardens
no.4 - 4/21/2017 - spring in Canada
no.5 - 5/1/2017 - hometowns
no.6 - 10/11/2017 - a magic spell
no.7 - 10/31/2017 - long-distance