Home Movies
"All I See Is Sun When I Look Up"

  1. ...ish 2
  2. All I See Is Sun When I Look Up [video]
  3. Wild Oats
  4. The Necessaries
  5. I Get Lost
  6. ..........
  7. Dewert Bewdley
  8. While We're Face To Face
  9. Silence Says More
  10. Diana
  11. Crab
  12. In Jokes
  13. ..........

Home Movies is the art pop brainchild of Oshawa, Ontario native Michael Milosh. As a former member of bands including By Divine Right and Timber Timbre Milosh has a long history in the Canadian independent music scene. For the past ten years his multifaceted creativity has evolved under the umbrella of Home Movies. Backed by Peter Shurtleff and cousin Danny Juric the sixth Home Movies release is All I See Is Sun When I Look Up, the first full-length album from Fallen Love Records. A more relaxed approach than previous efforts the self-described cottage rock still manages to encompass everything we have come to know and love from Home Movies: quirky, catchy lyrics, danceable grooves, and genuine emotion, always with a generous helping of unpredictability.

January 23, 2014
CD / digital download

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