Title Date Lineup Venue
Fallen Live no. 1 11/10/2012 The Marvelous Beauhunks, The Undrummer, The Louder Sounds, & Defne Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Underground Noise 11/29/2012 An hour-long interview with Harley & Mariah.
New Year's Fallen Eve 12/31/2012 Bloody Boy Blue, The Penny Loafers, & The Cane Toads Fallen Love HQ, Oshawa, ON
Gentle Persuasion 2/23/2013 Defne, Viva Mars, The Undrummer, Watershed Hour, & Squid Man Stan Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Captured 3/6/2013 An hour-long interview with Harley & Home Movies.
Fallen Toronto 3/6/2013 Defne, The Undrummer, & Sarah Greene The Tranzac, Toronto, ON
RMG Fallen Fridays 4/5/2013 Defne & Nicholas Doubleyou The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON
Amor CaĆ­do 5/10/2013 Home Movies, Busker Bros, Bored Mustangs, & Caitlin Currie Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Oak 5/28/2013 Defne, Anthony Damiao, & Deciduous Holy Oak, Toronto, ON
Young Genes 5/30/2013 Jeans Boots, So Young, Viva Mars, & RedVIOLET The Vault, Oshawa, ON
Placebo Please 6/21/2013 Defne, Triple Arcade, & Willow Rutherford Placebo Space, Etobicoke, ON
Spokes & Handlebars 6/22/2013 Dutch, Defne, & Kevin Kralik The Handlebar, Toronto, ON
Jay Arner 7/26/2013 Jay Arner, Defne, & The Louder Sounds The Hub, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Summer 8/8/2013 Lightmares, Watershed Hour, Esther Grey, Bloody Boy Blue, & Tyson And His Game Boy Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Summer 8/9/2013 So Young, PUP, The Corporate Life, & Wild Frontiers Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Summer 8/10/2013 Elephant Shoes, Le Stack, & Caitlin Currie Brick By Brick Park, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Summer 8/10/2013 The Namedroppers, Home Movies, Pins & Needles, & Stereo Moon Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Fallen Summer 8/11/2013 Katie And The Lichen, OK Vancouver OK, Defne, The Louder Sounds, I Make Earthquakes, & RedVIOLET Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Artifacts 9/14/2013 Things We Can't Untie, Native Other, Hearts Right In, & Neil Young Jr. Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
All A Dream 10/11/2013 Caitlin Currie, I, The Mountain, & Lady & The Giant The Spill, Peterborough, ON
More Secrets 11/30/2013 Caitlin Currie, Prom, The Penny Loafers, & HeavyEarth Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
All We See Is Sun 1/23/2014 Mellowkotzen, Home Movies, & Stereo Moon The Moustache Club, Oshawa, ON
Clumsy Advances 2/21/2014 Pins & Needles, Costanza, Lucy & The Chain Gang, & Caitlin Currie Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Walking On Ayr 4/3/2014 Lab Coast, Lint, Busker Bros, & Naomi Vanderteems Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
O Moon! 2/6/2015 Anthony Damiao, Far From Rich, Vanessa Tignanelli, & Bad Child Silence, Guelph, ON
O Moon! 2/11/2015 Dennis Driscoll, Salute To The Salmon, & Chestnut Collection Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA
Spring Summons 3/3/2015 Doctor Ew, Jessie Kussin, The Autumn Stones, & Tali Kouch Smiling Buddha, Toronto, ON
April In The City 4/14/2015 RedVIOLET, Girlongirl, & Pins & Needles The Central, Toronto, ON
Influences 4/16/2015 OK Vancouver OK, KMVP, Home Movies, & Ivory Park Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Summer Daze 6/19/2015 Le Stack, Things We Can't Untie, Tony Gravyboat, & Jessie Houston The Livingroom Community Art Studio, Oshawa, ON
After The Drought 7/3/2015 Bad Child, Akage No Anne, & Surf Cactus Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
O Nostalgia! 7/3/2015 Max & The Cuties & On Eva V11, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Blimps Rock 8/21/2015 Blimp Rock, Hearts Right In, & The Anxious Patients Wasted Space, Oshawa, ON
Tidal Patterns 9/26/2015 Ryan Carr, Anthony Damiao, & Cassy Goulding The Livingroom Community Art Studio, Oshawa, ON
The Fallen Love Holiday Extravaganza 12/13/2015 Dizzy, Jenny Omnichord, & Laughed The Boy The Livingroom Community Art Studio, Oshawa, ON
Telephone Wires 4/5/2016 Caitlin Currie, Peter Demakos, & Defne The Central, Toronto, ON
summer (he)arts fair 7/23/2016 Blunt Chunks, Luka, & Home Movies McLaughlin Library, Oshawa, ON
Summer Never Ends When You're Around 9/19/2018 Defne & Tiptoes The Burdock, Toronto, ON
Pisces Rising 2/21/2019 Laughed The Boy, Baby Band, & New Sky Junction City Music Hall, Toronto, ON