Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

July 2020,

Did we hibernate too long? The sun's been out for months. Apologies but a global pandemic encouraged us to stay in bed and think long and hard about things. Maybe this little label will never turn a profit. Maybe it's a... what do businesmen call it?... a sinkhole? That's a metaphor. Who knew the capitalists were such poets? Well, maybe it is a sinkhole. Maybe we do lose money on every release we put out. Maybe it's declasse to even admit such a thing. But we have no secrets from you, dear friends. Anything we can say to ourselves in the bathroom mirror at 5 in the morning we can say to you.

Maybe it's a Tinker Bell scenario. As long as somebody keeps believing and trusting in us that's enough in itself to keep us going. And there are at least 18 people who still do. They gave us their songs, their diaries, their personal documents of this strange, strange year. They wrote down all their feelings of what it was like to quarantine, to long for comfort, to ruminate on loneliness, to yearn for a phone call, and to consider everything they've done. They set them to music and they sent them to us. I can't understate how honored we are.

Text Me When You Get Here: Home Recordings From The Age Of COVID-19 is FAL016. It will be available digitally July 14. Thank you for never giving up on us. I think we're only now realizing that we never gave up on us either.

Fallen Love