Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Hello spring,

A new year has dawned and the snow has turned to rain in southern Ontario. Fallen Love continues to chug along slowly but sound of foot. We have a vague destination and we'll get there in time.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances we should have two new catalog releases out in 2018. The first is a cassette EP from bedroom pop musician Emma Parry out of Portland, Oregon, USA. Emma previously contributed a track to Secret Gardens under the name Emma + Asher so if you enjoyed that one you should definitely be looking forward to what Emma brings us next.

The second scheduled release is a CD retrospective compiling the complete musical output of an obscure Canadian lo-fi bedroom pop project from the mid-2000's. That's all the information you're getting for the moment. Acquiring all the tracks has proven a challenge as some of these songs have only ever been made available on cassette and thus digital files don't even exist. We're making progress, though, and the hope is for the finished product to be remastered and beautiful with a booklet that includes new interviews with the band members. We'll update you as we carry on.

We've still got a handful of Secret Gardens and Battery Point cassettes in stock as well as CD copies of O Moon! and Half-Built Horizons. Any profits from sales made goes right back into funding our future releases so we thank you always for your support and generosity.

Fallen Love