Summer Of Blood / RedVIOLET
"O Innocent Death!"

  1. Summer Of Blood - Mine All Mine
  2. Summer Of Blood - Blue It Bleeds
  3. Summer Of Blood - Deathtripping
  4. RedVIOLET - Pure
  5. RedVIOLET - Hypatia
  6. RedVIOLET - When It Rains

O Fallen Love! We are proud to bring to you a new series of split EP's. Each volume features a musical act from Ontario, a musical act from somewhere else on the planet, new songs written around a collective theme, and gorgeous album art from a variety of acclaimed illustrators.

O Innocent Death! is the third volume in our split series and features the ethereal indiepop of Summer Of Blood from Sheffield, UK and the BritPop-flavored alternative rock of RedVIOLET from Courtice, Ontario, Canada. This is literate pop music with a macabre bent, a fatal caramel core in an innocent candy shell. How many guitar licks does it take to get to the center of this pop?

April 17, 2015
digital EP

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