Anthony Damiao / Salute To The Salmon
"O Moon!"

  1. Anthony Damiao - Norway (No Way)
  2. Anthony Damiao - If You're Ever Really Happy
  3. The Namedroppers - The Moon Song
  4. Salute To The Salmon - Caisson
  5. Salute To The Salmon - Agua Florida And Lavender
  6. Salute To The Salmon - Bald Cat, Parts 1 & 2

O Fallen Love! We are proud to bring to you a new series of split EP's. Each volume features a musical act from Ontario, a musical act from somewhere else on the planet, new songs written around a collective theme, and gorgeous album art from a variety of acclaimed illustrators.

O Moon! is the first volume in our split series and features quirky folk singer-songwriters Anthony Damiao from Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Salute To The Salmon from Olympia, Washington, USA. Like the moths in Jess Bartram's cover art Anthony and Yex are drawn to the moon and you are sure to be drawn to the six songs here.

February 6, 2015
CD / digital download