Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Now we are six.

It was fall 2012 when this little label was formed, an offshot of a DIY arts group, little more than a pipe dream. No clue how to run a label or assemble a release. We sought guidance and inspiration from those that came before us. Labels like K, WeePop!, Yay!, and Jigsaw showed us not necessarily how things should be done but merely how things could. That was enough.

Six years later we somehow managed to produce fourteen releases: a smattering of EP's and full-lengths, splits and compilations, tapes and CD's and zines and digital downloads. We've worked with artists from across the planet and met so many kind, beautiful souls. Many of our new friends we've never met in person, never heard their voices outside of a recording, and yet we're connected now and forever. How magical.

Six years in and we're no success story. We're thousands of dollars in debt but we persevere. It's not about money or fame or going down in the record books. All we hope is to capture a little slice of wonder whenever and however we can, to pluck up the tiny gemstones that we stumble across on our journey through life and do what little we can to polish them up and share them with you.

FAL015 comes out this December 13. It's an eight-song EP from Emma Parry, a twee pop multimedia artist out of Portland, Oregon, USA. If you listened to our picnic pop compilation Secret Gardens she had a song on that one called "Elevator." Expect more of the same. You can stream the first song from E.P. over on Bandcamp now. Thank you for continuing to wander this path with us.

Fallen Love