Fallen Love Records is a bedroom pop label based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Dear lovers,

We're counting the days. The hours of sunlight are creeping longer and the threats of snow are getting fewer. We've survived this long and the finish line is in sight.

April 21 is the date. Secret Gardens is a picnic pop compilation of songs about spring. 23 artists from 8 different countries. You can expect more information in March.

In the meantime we've started a new epistolary series. Snail mail isn't quite what it used to be and only some of the blame can be put on the post office and their exorbitant fees. We've begun writing letters again and those are being cataloged over on our About page. No knowledge of Dewey's infamous decimal system required. Write us a letter. Tell us how you've been. As winter comes to a close it's time we all started stretching our limbs and getting ready for the sun.

Fallen Love